Our Brews

We pride ourselves on our large selection of Gluten Free brews.
We typically have at least 6 of our own unique brews on tap to choose from.

See our list of regular favorites below...

And speaking of non-drinkers, we keep our own handmade non-alcoholic
Root Beer on tap.

Yes, we are a FAMILY & PET-FRIENDLY establishment!

Perennial Favorites, usually available at all times:

Plundered Abby Tripel  -  7.7% ABV  -  21 IBU

This is our 2018 US Open, Gluten Free division, Gold Medal winner. A complex blend of caramel, dark fruits and pepper flavors from Belgian yeast and hops, this kettle caramelized brew is balanced with buckwheat malts and Belgian candy sugar. The Cognac oak and French oak aging rounds out the experience of a cask conditioned high alcohol ale.

Sliepnir's Kick Maple Porter  -  4.5% ABV  -  30 IBU 

The Gluten Free Maple Porter is made with unroasted malted buckwheat as the base with a smaller portion being smoked with pecan wood. This combination along with roasted buckwheat and chocolate buckwheat malt gives the beer a traditional British smoke effect but avoiding a too heavy emphasis on the buckwheat, coffee or dark roast tastes. Rice malt is used to bolster the alcohol level and small amounts of black strap molasses and sorghum syrup create hints of caramel flavor character. The maple syrup gives it a lightly sweet finish. Cluster and Fuggle hops complement each other but also add a British bent to the complexities in this beer.

Ayla's Amber Ale  -   5.4% ABV  -  30 IBU

This is our 2013 US Open, Gluten Free division, Gold Medal winner. A full-bodied, creamy, reddish-gold ale, brewed smooth with a distinct caramel buckwheat taste. Honey used in the beer gives this brew a unique aroma that delights the senses and carries the maltiness through every drink.

Loki's LemonAle  -   5.5% ABV  -  21 IBU

A lemony-orange fruit flavored malt beverage designed to be light and thirst quenching, with more moderate alcohol content than our other beers, typical of a “Radler” German bicycle beer. Brewed with hemp seed and CBD oil for a smooth, relaxing, healthier choice in beer.

Fruited Draft Apple Cider   -   5.0% ABV   -   0 IBU

Made with seasonal fruits where possible. Flavors subject to change weekly, so please hurry in if there is one you think you want to try!

Sassy’ Root Beer (Non-alcoholic)  -  0% ABV  -   0 IBU

This is our 2019 Bronze medal U.S. Open Beer winner. This root beer uses alcohol-free Safrole-free Sassafras extract, pure sugar, no HFCS, alcohol-free vanilla, citric acid and sodium benzoate for preservation.

Seasonal Favorites:

Seasonal Shandies – Four varieties for Four Seasons   -   5.0% ABV   -   21 IBU

Spring: Blueberry Amaretto (March through May) Summer: Peach Pecan (June through August) Fall: Apricot English Walnut (September through November) Winter: Cranberry Black Walnut (December through February) Brewed with hemp seed for a smooth, relaxing, healthier choice in beer.

Marzen Lager  -   6.0% ABV  -  19 IBU

A traditional Oktoberfest favorite, malty and rich with a bright copper color.  The autumn festivities are no longer off limits with this Gluten-free rendition of this fall classic.

Notes: ABV is the percentage of Alcohol By Volume- also sometimes referred to as "point" (i.e. "5 point beer").

IBU stands for International Bitterness Units - a useful guide to understanding how much hop bitterness a beer may have.

Generally speaking, beers with IBU of less than 20 display little to no hops presence. Beers with IBU from 20 to 45, the most common range, reveal a mild to pronounced hops presence. Heavily hopped beers with IBU greater than 45 can taste quite bitter in comparison.

Dark Hills Brewing logoIn addition to our Gluten Free beers,
the "Whistling Springs" brand is available, offering traditional beers..

Not everyone wants or needs Gluten Free beer. And face it, there are just some beers that Gluten Free technology isn't up to the task of recreating just yet. Our goal in starting Dark Hills was to include as many people as we could in the enjoyment of craft beers, and that extends to everyone. So we happily brew and serve more traditional recipes from the Whistling Springs Brewing Company brewhouse.

We rotate styles, both traditional and Gluten Free, on a regular basis, so when you're ready for a great tasting GF or Traditional brew, our taproom is the only stop you will need.

Other Special Offerings:


Gluten Free Arf & Arf
Traditional beer drinkers don't always have all the fun. We fill our big 16 oz Pint glass halfway with either Leigh's Dark Hills Brewery Cider or Loki's Lemon Ale. Then using a specially designed spoon, we carefully float your choice of beer on top. We recommend our popular Sliepnir's Kick Maple Porter, it's worth coming out just to watch the process. And the delightful mix of flavors will keep you coming back for more.

To get the full effect of the flavor combination, we suggest you drink with enthusiasm to draw through as much of the cider from underneath the beer, so the mix works out just right in your mouth.